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About Us:

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Satisfied Customers In 100+ Countries Over 20+ Years...

We take our tagline "Your One Stop Marine Resource"  very seriously and for the last 20+  years have been committed to providing you the perfect commercial marine equipment or service. We look forward to meeting you and finding you your perfect affordable solution. 

Monthly Specials:

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Considered by many in the commercial marine industry As one of the most durable, heavy-duty diesel engines on the market with a Proven legacy in tough commercial marine environments, hard earned over the last 25 years.   Contact us today for  this months special price on this top seller for us. 


Truckable Push Boats! 

​Beat the Spring 2021 Contractor Rush. Every March we receive dozens of requests for push boats to be delivered early April.   We Encourage you to book a built slot now so you are not delayed when your project commeces for these popular custom build work site vessels. Contact us today for  this months special price on early bookings.

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Contact:  Phone: +1 506 300 0475

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